20 Fun Things To Do In Islamorada

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If you’re seeking a place with a tropical climate and a serene ambiance, you shouldn’t miss out on the most fun things to do in Islamorada! This place should be at the top of your trip wish list. Islamorada, a tranquil community in the Florida Keys spread across six tiny islands, is well-known for its […]

Key West Chickens: How Chickens Run Free Around The City

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If you’ve ever been to the Florida Keys, there’s a good chance you’ve seen the Key West chickens roaming freely and occasionally even stumbling into a shop or restaurant. The big chicken population in Key West is real, and people love it.  But why do these cute little birds roam the streets unchecked, and where […]

The Top 10 Free Things To Do In Key West

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There is no shortage of free things to do in Key West, where tourists can try sampling some of the best seafood in the world to staying up late partying at one of the island’s famous bars. Make sure to include some of these fantastic Key West free attractions in your itinerary if you are […]

Florida Keys Seafood Festivals: Join The Community For Some Fun

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Florida is renowned for its history of commercial fishing and its high-quality seafood offerings. Florida Keys seafood festivals are annual celebrations of the benefits of commercial fishing and seafood, which are held in numerous villages across the state. There are two major seafood festivals in the Florida Keys – one in Key West and one […]