All You Need To Know Before Visiting Sunset Pier in Key West

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Sunset Pier in Key West is ideally situated between Key West Harbor and Mallory Square. The Caribbean cuisine, vibrant décor, live music, and mouthwatering drinks are just the right components of a venue that anyone can enjoy.  Although Sunset Pier is right in the middle of the activity, it provides a small buffer from the […]

Where To Go Scuba Diving In Marathon Key: The 5 Most Popular Diving Sites

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You can definitely discover your ideal location for scuba diving in Marathon Key, whether seeking vibrant reefs bursting with life and enormous groupers lying on the sandy seabed or exploring some of the famous shipwrecks in the region. Every diver may find something to enjoy at the top dive spots in the Florida Keys. Marathon […]

Feeding Tarpons In The Florida Keys: The 3 Most Popular Spots To Explore

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One of the most popular activities that attract visitors from near and far is feeding tarpons in the Florida Keys. People crowd the docks of the marinas in the Keys where the enormous inhabitants of the deep congregate can be fed, sometimes by hand. There are a lot of things to do in and around […]

Top 5 Places for Tent Camping In The Florida Keys

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One of the most amazing ways to explore the uniqueness and beauty of this vast chain of islands is to go tent camping in the Florida Keys. Daytime exploration of the beaches, mangrove swamps, hammocks, and canals is followed by an evening of camping. Spend the night in campgrounds next to gorgeous turquoise seas while […]

Key West Chickens: How Chickens Run Free Around The City

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If you’ve ever been to the Florida Keys, there’s a good chance you’ve seen the Key West chickens roaming freely and occasionally even stumbling into a shop or restaurant. The big chicken population in Key West is real, and people love it.  But why do these cute little birds roam the streets unchecked, and where […]

The Top 10 Free Things To Do In Key West

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There is no shortage of free things to do in Key West, where tourists can try sampling some of the best seafood in the world to staying up late partying at one of the island’s famous bars. Make sure to include some of these fantastic Key West free attractions in your itinerary if you are […]

A Florida Keys Kayak Fishing Guide: The Top 3 Things You Should Know About

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There is nothing else like how the Florida Keys kayak fishing adventures are organized. Just 100 yards from the road, in certain places, one may grab a kayak and practically vanish into the surrounding wilderness. You can have a fishing excursion you won’t soon forget by adding a seasoned fishing guide to the mix. The […]

The 10 Best Locations To See Manatees In Florida Keys And When You Can Spot Them

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Finding manatees in Florida Keys can be a challenge, but your chances of seeing these gentle and lovely creatures are substantially higher if you’re in the islands! You’ll probably understand why manatees are called “sea cows” after seeing one in person; these slow-moving grazers may weigh up to 1,000 lbs and reach heights of 10 […]

Parasailing: One Of The Best That Florida Keys Can Offer

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For tourists in the Florida Keys, parasailing is a fantastic excursion. The vista of shipwrecks, marine life, including dolphins and sea turtles, and stunning beaches are unrivaled by a parasail. You’ll glide through the magnificent panoramic sights of the southernmost city that can only be seen from the air and take in breathtaking bird’s eye […]

An Exclusive Guide On The Water Temperature In Florida Keys

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The Florida Keys have a year-round swimming season from January to December. The water temperature in Florida Keys does not fall below 68°F throughout those months, making swimming enjoyable. In the Florida Keys, the water is an average temperature of 75.4°F in the winter, 78.6°F in the spring, 85.6°F in the summer, and 82.8°F in […]