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Best Ways To Explore Mangroves In Key Largo

mangroves in key largo

The mangroves in Key Largo are essential for the coastal ecosystem of Florida Keys. Mangroves are coastal vegetation in tropical and subtropical regions that can withstand salt. They offer many ecological and environmental advantages while acting as a crucial contact between the land and the water.

There are about 80 different types of mangroves across the Florida Keys, and Key Largo is home to various species, such as the red, black, and white mangroves. Now, when you travel across these trails, make sure to spot some of the inhabitants and don’t disturb them!

What Makes Key Largo, Florida Great For Exploring Mangroves

Mangroves help to preserve the clarity and quality of water by filtering it. The mangrove forests’ enormous root system protects many fish, manatees, crabs, and shellfish. Additionally, a wide variety of aquatic animals eat them. 

The mangroves give Florida Keys birds like the great white heron, reddish egret, white-capped pigeon, raptors, and osprey places to nest and food sources.

Discover hidden-gem beaches,  explore the Florida Keys food scene, find the perfect accommodation, experience the Keys’ stunning waters, and much more.

Kayaking The Mangroves In Key Largo

Given that Key Largo is only a short drive from the mainland and the bustling city, kayaking there is truly amazing. Even if you are never too far from civilization, the many mangrove-filled rivers around the coast instantly transport you into a peaceful environment! Every now and then, the sound of motorboats from other touring groups helps to remind you that you are not alone.

Florida Bay Outfitters

Address: 104050 Overseas Hwy, Key Largo, FL 33037

Price: $40 – $60

This three-hour excursion through the mangrove tunnels in Key Largo will allow you to experience the waters as a local. As you kayak across pristine waterways, you will learn about the significance of mangroves to the Florida Keys environment. 

Discover more about the manatees, fish, turtles, and birds that call these places home. Snorkeling is available for individuals who would like to explore the world beneath the mangroves during part of the tour. 

Located close offshore in Key Largo’s safe mangrove waterways, this route is great for paddlers who are just starting out or have some experience.

After the tour, you can spend some time at Gilbert’s Resort Tiki Bar. Famous for its amazing seafood, distinctive specialty drinks, and live music featuring local and national bands and musicians, this Tiki Bar is a landmark. Gilbert’s Resort has been serving both residents and visitors for well over 50 years.

Florida Keys Kayak & Paddleboard

Address: 90311 Old Hwy., Tavernier, FL 33070

Price: $65

Although this business is located in Tavernier, the tour takes place around Key Largo. This Tavernier Mangrove Eco Tour takes place at the Tavernier Creek Mangroves.  

Tavernier Creek is home to many species, with a good chance of seeing a manatee. It has access to both the ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Discover a portion of the keys that many miss by detouring these mangrove tunnels, which are just large enough for kayaks.

The mangroves along Tavernier Creek offer a moderate to easy adventure. Though private parties of any size are welcome, the trips are limited to 12 participants.

One of the nearest popular restaurants tourists visit in Tavernier is Captain Craig’s. Craig’s amazing seafood menu is widely known for its world-famous fish sandwich and other delicious and creative sandwiches.

PADDLE! The Florida Keys

manatee mangroves in key largo

Address: 90773 Old Highway, Tavernier, FL 33070

Price: $60

In this tour, you can choose a kayak (single and tandem options available). To make your experience more unforgettable, the qualified guides will help you find wildlife, teach beginners how to paddle, educate about marine ecosystems, and share their unique sense of humor and local expertise. 

After your kayak tour, grab a bite at Made 2 Order. It’s a waterfront dining location that serves all-day breakfast. There are selections of seafood, steaks, and burgers to choose from as well.

Paddle Boarding The Mangroves In Key Largo

Paddleboarding through the mangroves in Key Largo is a fantastic way to experience the unique and diverse coastal ecosystems of the region. Aside from the very popular kayaking at the mangroves in Key Largo, a lot of tourists also want to try out paddle boarding. I suggest that you try both for different perspectives!

PADDLE! The Florida Keys

SUPs mangroves in key largo

Address: 90773 Old Highway, Tavernier, FL 33070

Price: $35

The ideal way to take in the splendor of the Florida Keys is with one of the Key Largo stand-up paddleboard rentals in Tavernier.

Slide across pristine tropical waterways, protected seagrass beds, and mangrove jungles, home to various aquatic creatures such as fish, sponges, stingrays, and nurse sharks, among hundreds more. Many of the more than 250 wading, fishing, and songbirds that call this area home—among them herons, egrets, gulls, osprey, and the spectacular frigate bird—will likely be visible to you. You might even spot brilliant green iguanas if you look closely among the mangrove trees! 

Aside from the restaurant listed before, you can also try Skipper’s Dockside in Key Largo. It’s an oceanfront destination that transports diners into the past. The facade is adorned with an antique Ice House and an original 1940s fueling station to help with time travel!

Aquaholics Adventures

dolphins mangroves in key largo

Image Source: Aquaholics Adventures

Address: Key Largo and Islamorada

Price: $45 – $55

One of the most well-liked paddle experiences with Aquaholics Adventures during the day is the Dolphin Tour. This one departs from Key Largo.

After paddling by the dolphins and past some of the neighborhood’s homes, you’ll kayak back into the mangrove tunnels. Novice paddlers can enjoy a tranquil paddle in the cozy shelter of the mangrove hammocks. Expert paddlers seeking a challenge can attempt the entire loop that goes out into the Atlantic and return. 

Key Largo Mangrove Private Eco-Tours

private tour mangroves in key largo

Image Source: Viator.com

Address: 99701 Overseas Hwy, Key Largo, FL 33037, USA

Price: $399

Take a private and customized boat trip instead of mingling with the crowds of people on the usual large Key Largo trips. This excursion takes you on a cruise through Florida Bay’s mangroves. While cruising the bay, you’ll discover the history and interwoven ecosystem of the Florida Keys and watch for tarpon, dolphins, manatees, and various bird species.

Exploring The Mangroves in Key Largo

Exploring the mangroves in Key Largo is a captivating adventure that allows you to immerse yourself in the unique and vibrant coastal ecosystem. Consider the tides when planning your mangrove exploration. High tide allows for easier navigation through narrow channels, while low tide may reveal hidden areas and the intricate root systems of the mangroves.

Know that opting for a guided tour can enhance your mangrove exploration experience. Knowledgeable guides can provide insights into the ecology, wildlife, and history of the mangroves. They can also ensure your safety and lead you to the most interesting spots.

So what are you waiting for? Book your mangroves tour in Key Largo now!

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Mangroves in Key Largo FAQs

Yes, there are mangroves in Key Largo. The Florida Keys, including Key Largo, are home to various species of mangroves. These coastal trees and shrubs thrive in the brackish waters along the shorelines, creating unique and ecologically important ecosystems.

One of the popular places to see mangroves in Key Largo is John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. Within the park, the Mangrove Trail offers a fantastic opportunity to explore mangrove ecosystems on a boardwalk trail. Additionally, paddleboarding or kayaking through the mangroves, especially in areas like Tavernier Creek or Largo Sound, provides an up-close and personal experience with these coastal habitats.

Mangroves are mostly found in coastal areas of tropical and subtropical regions around the world. They are commonly located in estuaries, lagoons, and intertidal zones, where saltwater and freshwater mix. Mangrove habitats can be found in countries with coastlines in tropical regions, including parts of Southeast Asia, Africa, Australia, the Americas, and the Middle East.

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