Cedar Key Beach: The Ultimate Guide For Your Cedar Key Exploration

cedar key beach

Cedar Key Beach is the main beach on the island of Cedar Key, located around three miles into the Gulf of Mexico. Cedar Key is in a rural section of central Florida called the “Nature Coast.” It is completely accessible to the general public, and there is no fee for using the causeway to reach […]

The Infamous Key Lime Pie In The Florida Keys: A Story Behind The Dessert

key lime pie in the florida keys

Have you tried the infamous Key Lime Pie in the Florida Keys? Key Lime Pie is a common dessert served in restaurants all around Florida, where it is a state favorite.  The Key Lime Pie was reportedly created in Key West, Florida, where key limes, which give the dessert its distinctive sour flavor, are widely […]

7 Best Florida Keys Tiki Bars You’ll Definitely Love

best florida keys tiki bars

The best Florida Keys tiki bars are where you can enjoy a chilled drink and soak up the salty breeze while taking in the laid-back atmosphere, waterfront tables, thatched roofs, and island music. These bars provide delicious seafood platters and rum cocktails with tiny paper umbrellas, making them the ideal setting for relaxing and forgetting […]

20 Fun Things To Do In Islamorada

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If you’re seeking a place with a tropical climate and a serene ambiance, you shouldn’t miss out on the most fun things to do in Islamorada! This place should be at the top of your trip wish list. Islamorada, a tranquil community in the Florida Keys spread across six tiny islands, is well-known for its […]

A Sneak Peek Before Visiting The Popular Sunset Pier in Key West

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Sunset Pier in Key West is ideally situated between Key West Harbor and Mallory Square. The Caribbean cuisine, vibrant décor, live music, and mouthwatering drinks are just the right components of a venue that anyone can enjoy.  Although Sunset Pier is right in the middle of the activity, it provides a small buffer from the […]

Square Grouper Islamorada – The Ultimate Dining Experience In The Florida Keys

Feature images-square grouper islamorada

When it first launched in March 2019, Square Grouper Islamorada soon became a top eating destination due to its high brand recognition and positive patron experiences. Square Grouper Islamorada offers inventive dining focused on reliability and quality at MM 80.4, bayside along Islamorada Marina. They are all about fresh, regional seafood, some of the best […]

Craving Italian Food In Key Largo? Here Are 5 Spectacular Restaurants To Try

Feature images-italian food in key largo

Craving for some Italian food in Key Largo? You’ve come to the right place! Key Largo has so many fantastic restaurants that you are truly spoiled for choice. Everyone should take a vacation in the Florida Keys. There are countless possibilities to swim, scuba dive, fish, and more at the beaches. On land, there is […]

11 Stunning Spots: Waterfront Dining at Key Largo

key largo waterfront dining

Waterfront dining at Key Largo is a lovely and compelling tourist activity, which is great for a family on a weekend break, couples on a honeymoon, a trip with friends, or even solo travelers on a soul-searching adventure. The island of Key Largo is located in a mesmerizing paradise-like environment in Monroe County, Florida.  Your time […]

Glamping In The Florida Keys: 8 Locations To Get An Extraordinary Experience

glamping in the florida keys

If you’ve never heard of the phrase “glamping,” it is similar to camping but far more luxurious. Glamping in the Florida Keys offers an interesting new way to see a well-known destination.  Accommodations for glamping might include tents, domes, and yurts.  Being surrounded by a lush, natural environment while still enjoying the comforts and amenities […]

Florida Keys Seafood Festivals: Join The Community For Some Fun

florida keys seafood festivals

Florida is renowned for its history of commercial fishing and its high-quality seafood offerings. Florida Keys seafood festivals are annual celebrations of the benefits of commercial fishing and seafood, which are held in numerous villages across the state. There are two major seafood festivals in the Florida Keys – one in Key West and one […]