Florida Keys Jet Ski Rental

florida keys jet ski rental

The Florida Keys serve as the ideal vacation spot since they are brimming with activities for people of all ages, hobbies, and origins. On this island, you can choose to have a leisurely or exciting experience.  If you enjoy seeing new places, you can be sure that a vacation to the Florida Keys won’t disappoint. […]

Florida Keys State Parks

florida keys state parks

Want to spend some time on the hammock? Or do you prefer an exhilarating deep-sea dive? Regardless of your thrill level, it will be an excellent choice to put the beautiful Florida Keys state parks on your bucket list.  Although America’s national parks may get all the attention, Florida Keys state parks have equally stunning […]

Florida Keys Seafood Festivals

florida keys seafood festivals

Florida is renowned for its history of commercial fishing and its high-quality seafood offerings. Annual celebrations of the benefits of commercial fishing and seafood are held in numerous villages across the state. In the Florida Keys, there are two major seafood festivals – one in Key West and one in Marathon. The activities are geared […]

Best Beaches In Florida Keys For Families

best beaches in florida keys for families

The top Florida Keys beaches practically promise days full of sunscreen, ice cream, and margaritas. This collection of coral islands, some of which have sand beaches, is tucked up against the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Gulf of Mexico to the west.  The archipelago is primarily known for its breathtaking coral displays, but […]