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Experience The Astounding Glass Bottom Boat Tours In Key West

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Do you know that you don’t even need snorkeling equipment to explore the ocean floor in the Florida Keys? Take glass bottom boat tours in Key West to experience the fascinating underwater environment.

Make an exploration of your holiday. Learn about a completely new world with fins and gills, shells and sea horses, turquoise water, and coral heads that are a vibrant orange color. You can view what it’s like below the water without getting wet on glass bottom boat tours in Key West. No other type of boat offers such an unparalleled view.

What Is A Glass Bottom Boat Tour?

Many will contend that Key West’s surrounding crystal-clear waters are the island’s main draw. Even compared to other fantastic island destinations like the Caribbean islands or Hawaii, the marine environment around the Florida Keys is unquestionably rich and stunning. The protection offered by The Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary largely gets the credit for this.

Of course, scuba diving and snorkeling are fantastic methods to access the great marine resources in the Key West area. While getting in the water with a mask, snorkel, or dive gear is fantastic, not every visitor to Key West enjoys sports like these. For instance, participation may be difficult for the very young, the elderly, those with health issues, or those who are uneasy about water.

Glass bottom boat tours in Key West are a fantastic solution for tourists who might find it challenging to access the undersea environment directly. In fact, a glass bottom boat tour can be very enjoyable for even seasoned divers and water sports aficionados. 

The glass bottom boat tour combines underwater sightseeing with a fun, peaceful boat ride, offers a different perspective, enables you to cover more ground, and helps you share the experience with others who are not divers. When was the last time you went diving or snorkeling and had food and a drink?

You can view coral, plants, and fish in all different colors through the glass bottom. As your guides describe the various facets of the numerous sea animals, corals, and natural habitats of Key West, it’s an incredible adventure for both kids and adults.

A glass bottom boat includes viewing ports below the waterline made of glass or another transparent material, as well as benches or other seating configurations that let people stand or sit and look out of them. Due to the absence of surface reflections, the visibility is excellent and comparable to wearing a diving mask. You may easily move around to view the outside from different perspectives, snap pictures, and converse with other passengers while being dry and comfortable.

In fact, a glass bottom boat ride might offer a greater view of marine life than snorkeling or diving because fish and other animals generally get acclimated to boats and don’t run away or hide as they frequently do when they perceive a disturbance in the water caused by a person.

Where Can You Book Glass Bottom Boat Tours In Key West

Here are three businesses that offer fantastic glass bottom boat tours in Key West.

Explore the renowned reefs off the coast of Key West on an excursion. While sailing on the Pride of Key West, a spectacular Key West Fury catamaran with a glass bottom, you can breathe fresh sea air while cruising above the vibrant underwater environment. Be prepared to catch your breath as vibrant marine life abounds beneath your eyes after ascending above the reefs.

Aboard Fury’s Glass Bottom Boat, you can witness an amazing variety of tropical marine life while staying dry and cool. You might even see fish of all types, rays, and sea turtles swimming through the clear seas they call home. Over 300 species of fish that complete the vibrant and fascinating seascape is guarded by majestic elkhorn and stunning brain coral, both of which appear strong but are actually delicate and frail. 

Fury’s knowledgeable skipper and crew will give an intriguing eco-tour along the way and point out some of the most fascinating marine life in the waters around this amazing island. All passengers can watch the reef continuously through special glass “windows to the reef.”

A seated sun deck, a covered observation area with air conditioning, bathrooms, and a snack bar are all available aboard the Fury Catamaran Glass Bottom Boat. Compared to conventional V-hull designs, the catamaran’s double hull configuration provides the greatest stability and the least amount of rocking motion. The boat is built to provide optimum observation while causing the sensitive reef the least amount of stress.

You board the boat at 0 Duval Street in Mallory Square, where it will take you on a relaxing voyage you’ll never forget. Watch this video from Fury Water Adventures of a glass bottom boat tour joined by kids and adults.

Contact Key West Charter Boat or submit a request for a price quote online. They’ll assist you in acquiring a large catamaran for an expedition or your own personal glass bottom charter boat. The experience is instructive, fascinating, and fun, thanks to the always-changing parade of marine life and the vibrant coral reefs. In fact, a lot of tourists cite their favorite experience in Key West as the glass bottom boat trip.

The onboard toilets, snack bar, and seated sun decks are available for the two-hour excursion. You’ll also get the extra pleasure of seeing the famous Key West sunset if you take the sunset cruise. When the horizon becomes as vibrant as the underwater environment below, toast it with the free champagne and soft drinks available.

Catamarans with glass bottoms can be rented for private gatherings and business excursions. Just picture how happy your guests will be if stingrays and sea turtles turn up as entertainment. Any private charter should be scheduled far in advance. Key West Charter Boat will arrange everything for a memorable experience on a Key West glass bottom boat, from catered business parties to large family reunions and wedding receptions.

Additionally, only specific vessels are permitted to come near the third-largest barrier reef in the world. Fortunately, even the largest Key West glass bottom boats may drift on the top without upsetting the delicate balance of life below because of their shallow draft hulls.

In Key West, preserving the reef for future generations is a labor of love. Environmental studies frequently gauge the extent and condition of the reef. Estimates of fish populations, water salinity, temperature measurements, and much more. Glass bottom boat rides are still such fantastic experiences thanks to efforts like these.

Weather permitting, catamaran trips depart from Old Town Harbor most mornings and afternoons. A catamaran is the largest and most stable type of glass bottom boat used in Key West, and it creates the ideal viewing platform. There is enough space to spread out and unwind in cool comfort 

The Glass Bottom Boat Reef & Eco Tour invites you to board for an experience through the most diversified underwater habitat in the country. On a stylish and comfortable catamaran, take in the gorgeous seascapes as you cruise the tropical and sun-kissed waters of the Florida Keys. 

Without even getting wet, go on an underwater experience on North America’s only live coral reef. Discover the habitat of elkhorn, brain coral, and a huge variety of fish. This is a great choice for an entertaining and educational tour of the Florida Keys from Key West’s only seaside vista!

Trip amenities:

  • Water
  • Complimentary glass of champagne on the sunset trip only (i.e. the last trip offered for the day)
  • Reef-safe sunscreen
  • 2-hour narrated Glass Bottom Boat Reef & Eco Tour in Key West, Florida


What can you expect:

  • The catamaran offers a sun deck, air-conditioned cabin, and cash-only snack bar
  • Dual-hull catamaran provides maximum stability and ensures a smooth ride
  • Take in the amazing Key West sunset by choosing the last trip of the day
  • Enjoy numerous windows to the reef that provide continuous viewing
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Take a Glass Bottom Boat Tours in Key West Now

The Keys Marine Sanctuary, one of the 14 marine reserves that make up the National Marine Sanctuary System of the United States, encircles the whole length of the Keys from south of Miami to the waters around the Dry Tortugas. The sanctuary makes that 2,900 square nautical miles of water are kept as close to their unpolluted, natural state as possible. The mean high water mark around Key West and the other Keys serves as the sanctuary’s shoreward limit.

Suppose you are in or on the water. In that case, you are in the sanctuary, where mangrove islands, enormous seagrass flats, the third biggest barrier reef in the world, thousands of patch reefs, more than 6,000 kinds of marine life, and many shipwrecks and other ancient treasures await your discovery. So, what are you waiting for? Take a glass bottom boat tour now!

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Glass Bottom Boat Tours In Key West FAQs

You can view what it’s like below the water without getting wet on glass bottom boat tours in Key West.  Here are three businesses that offer fantastic glass bottom boat tours in Key West.

  • Fury Water Adventures
  • Key West Charter Boat
  • Glass Bottom Boat Reef & Eco Tour

Glass bottom boat tours in Key West take approximately two hours. Make an exploration of your holiday. Learn about a completely new world with fins and gills, shells and sea horses, turquoise water, and coral heads that are a vibrant orange color.

The Glass Bottom Boat Reef & Eco Tour invites you to board for an experience through the most diversified underwater habitat in the country. They offer tours with a sunset option if you book the last trip of the day.

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